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New Papworth Hospital

Frequently asked questions & answers

The new Papworth Hospital project

Q 1: Why is there a need to relocate Papworth Hospital?

Q 2: How will the hospital retain its high standards of organisation/administration?

Q 3: How will the new hospital be funded?

Q 4: What is the current status of the planned move?

Patient environment

Q 5: One of the things that makes Papworth special is the friendly atmosphere. This is apparent to staff, patients and visitors. How will this be preserved?

Q 6: The tranquil, rural setting, including the duck pond, contributed to my recovery. Will that be recreated in the new location?

Q 7: What type of accommodation will be provided for patients?

Accommodation & accessibility

Q 8: Will it be possible to park on the new campus?

Q 9: Will the road network be adequate to support the extra traffic and will people be able to access the site by public transport?

Q 10: What accommodation will there be for relatives/carers at the new site? What will replace the affordable B&B’s currently provided by the Papworth Everard residents?

Clinical services

Q 11: What services will be provided in the new hospital?

Q 12: What effect will the changes have on the waiting times for consultation and treatment?

Patient and public involvement

Q 13: How can I get involved?

The current site

Q 14: Why are you still building on the current site when you are planning to move?

Q 15: What will happen to the existing hospital site?

Managing the relocation

Q 16: In what ways will the new Papworth Hospital be separate from Addenbrooke's Hospital and in what ways will they join up?

Q 17: Does this mean that Papworth Hospital will be merging with Addenbrooke's Hospital?


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