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18 July 2012

Papworth scores ‘Excellent’ in PEAT annual inspection

Results published today by the NHS Information Centre show that Papworth Hospital has scored ‘excellent’ in two out of the three areas assessed by the annual Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) assessment and ‘good’ in the remaining one. The score for food and privacy and dignity was five, ‘excellent’ and for environment, the score was four, ‘good’.

The PEAT assessments are carried out by NHS staff together with patients, patient representatives and members of the public.

Elizabeth Horne Director of Human Resources at Papworth Hospital said  “We are delighted with these results, which show that we are committed to not only giving our patients the best clinical care possible but also, in partnership with Sodexo, to making their stay here at Papworth Hospital as safe and comfortable as we can. We continually monitor all aspects of the patient journey to ensure that we maintain and where possible improve our high standards.”

Ms Horne continued “This year we were joined by an External Validator who commented ‘It was a pleasure to be part of the PEAT team, from my view Papworth is well run, clean, maintained to a high standard and the patient food was also very good’.”

What is PEAT?
Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) is an annual assessment of inpatient healthcare sites in England with 10 or more inpatient beds.
It is a benchmarking tool to ensure improvements are made in the non-clinical aspects of patient care including environment, food, privacy and dignity.
The assessment results help to highlight areas for improvement and share best practice across healthcare organisations in England.

What are the PEAT scores?
NHS sites and NHS trusts are each given scores from 1 (unacceptable) to 5 (excellent) for standards of environment, food and dignity and privacy within buildings.
The scores demonstrate how well individual healthcare providers believe they are performing in the key areas (such as food, cleanliness, infection control, patient environment, privacy and dignity) .

Who is involved in PEAT assessments?
Assessments are carried out by NHS staff (nurses, matrons, doctors, catering and domestic service managers, executive and non-executive directors, dieticians and estates directors).
Patients, patient representatives and members of the public are also part of this assessment process.


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