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11 May 2017

New 'All About Me' questionnaire launches

The brand new 'All About Me' booklet, designed to gather detailed pre-op surgical patient information, officially launched this month. Its introduction will enable staff to access critical details of patients at the pre-admission stage, allowing services and departments to better prepare equipment, book in post-op support and ultimately improve patient flow and length of stay in wards.

Ward hospitalisation can cost up to £500 a day, and delayed referrals of post-surgical patients to departments as occupational therapy and social work can cause additional costs of £19k within a month.    

The launch followed a successful trial of 50 cardiac surgery patients last December 2016, which highlighted positive feedback with regards to patient experience and potential savings within the hospital.

Amy Haddock, Occupational Therapy Team Lead, commented: "This project is a fantastic opportunity to empower patients to have more control and involvement in their experience in hospital, including any individual assistance or adaptive equipment they may need. It also gives staff a proactive approach to discharge planning, especially with more frail patients."

The 'All About Me' document will be made available to specialist nurses and relevant staff in district general hospitals. By opening up accessibility of the document to referral cases for elective surgery and in-house urgent patients, time spent chasing additional information through telephone or post-surgery assessments can be released and used to support more patients and carers.  An impact review of the launch has been planned for February 2018.

All about me booklet


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