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15 June 2017

Papworth Hospital launches new electronic patient record system

Papworth Hospital has launched a new electronic patient record system (EPR) ahead of its move to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus next year.

The system, which went live on Monday 5 June, is an important part of our transformation programme as we prepare to move to our new hospital in 2018.

The project follows months of planning, and involved thousands of paper-based patient records being transferred to the electronic system. Staff members have also received training to enable them to complete a huge range of tasks – from dispensing and administering drugs to booking appointments and writing outpatient letters – using the new, online system.   

Stephen Posey, Chief Executive at Papworth NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The launch of a new electronic patient record system is a huge challenge and our staff members have worked incredibly hard to continue delivering high quality care to our patients while getting used to a completely new system.

"Our ICT team has worked extremely closely with our operational and clinical teams to deliver the project safely and deal with issues as and when they arise. Within a week of the launch, more than 1,300 staff members had used the system and many are already starting to see the benefits it provides in terms of safe and efficient patient care. I would like to thank our staff for their continued commitment to the project and to our patients for bearing with us during any delays to our normal service in the last couple of weeks."

The launch of an electronic patient record system offers a huge range of benefits to Papworth patients. It means that clinicians in all departments have up-to-date information relating to patient care, without having to wait for paper-based records to be transferred across the hospital.

Over time, with easy access to the latest information, clinicians will be able to make quicker, better-informed decisions about patient care, reducing delays and improving the patient experience.

However, the launch of the new system is just the first phase of the project and the hospital will now be working to optimise the system and make it work more effectively for individual departments and services. Papworth's ICT Team will continue to provide a high level of support to staff across the Trust as they adapt to using the new system over the coming weeks and months.  

Papworth's new Electronic Patient Record system, which is called Lorenzo, is provided by DXC Technology. It transforms the delivery of healthcare by providing an integrated and interoperable real-time patient record. It is designed to help NHS hospital trusts improve both their day-to-day operations and position themselves effectively for transformational change. The solution supports clinicians, managers and other healthcare staff in making informed decisions along the healthcare journey, and in different care settings and health communities.  


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