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18 August 2017

Papworth leads the way in GMC survey of trainee doctors

Trainee doctors have rated Papworth Hospital the best for education and training in the East of England, and the second best acute NHS Trust in the UK in the most recent nationwide survey.

The 2017 General Medical Council (GMC) survey - which annually monitors the quality of medical education and training in the UK - asks doctors their views about the training they are receiving. The survey was completed by all of Papworth’s 52 doctors in training between March and May 2016.

Dr Clive Lewis, Director of Medical Education at Papworth, said: “We should be proud that Papworth has achieved our best ever results in this year’s survey. This recognises the hard work our supervisors and trainers give to educate the next generation of consultants.”

Papworth - scoring 3.4 per cent above the national average – came top of the 23 Health Education East of England (HEEoE)  Hospital Trusts. Luton and Dunstable Hospital and Cambridge University Hospitals were second and third respectively (7.74 per cent behind Papworth).

Papworth also ranked as the second best acute NHS Trust in the UK for overall satisfaction (behind the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust). Overall satisfaction measures various aspects of the post, such as the quality of teaching, experience and supervision, how useful the post will be for the doctor’s future career and whether they would recommend the post to a friend. Comparator specialist Trusts, The Royal Brompton Hospital and The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital were 5.23 and 1.09 per cent below the national average.

The 2017 GMC survey showed a significant improvement in all specialties at Papworth. The hospital received recognition in 22 domains (green positive outliers showing a positive experience, above the 75th centile) compared with only 1 domain in 2016. Training in cardiothoracic surgery achieved the highest national marks in almost all domains compared with other training regions and respiratory medicine also performed well.

The domains with the highest number of positive experiences were: clinical supervision, teamwork, workload, induction and educational governance. Other domains with green outliers were: overall satisfaction, out of hours supervision, reporting system, supportive environment, feedback, local teaching and adequate experience.  

The only negative experience was with handover which has been a strategic area for improvement within the Trust with an overall significant improvement in this domain.

The Director of Medical Education, College Tutors and Lead Educational consultants will formulate action plans to address areas of concern as well as learning from the notable practice shown by specialties such as cardiothoracic surgery. Work is also continuing with Cambridge University Health Partners and HEEoE to identify common areas for improvement and collaboration on training programmes and educational opportunities.


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