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29 August 2017

The shape of things to come: latest pictures of new Papworth Hospital

Fascinating pictures show the rapid progress of construction at the new Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

The images, captured by the Cambridge Independent newspaper and featured on their front page on July 26, reveal work on the stunning entrance area atrium and sweeping views of the South Cambridgeshire countryside taken from what will be patient rooms.

Removal of the external hoist and internal scaffolding in recent weeks means that work to the external facades of the building can now be finalised. ‘Fit-out’ is in progress across all parts of the building, and is happening sequentially floor by floor, and by zones within each floor. The most advanced areas are being decorated and flooring is being laid.

In addition, major engineering equipment for the heating systems has been installed into the energy centre, and work is now progressing towards the centre’s first ‘power on’ date.

Work on the wider Cambridge Biomedical Campus continues, and construction on the large public spaces known as the ‘Circus’ and ‘Piazza’, to the north side of the hospital, is due to commence.

The new Papworth Hospital will open on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in September 2018.

Click here to see a full gallery of the new pictures.


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