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25 October 2017

Papworth Hospital has UK’s best survival rates for heart and lung transplants

Papworth Hospital has the UK’s best survival rates for heart and lung transplants, according to a report published by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT).

Last year, more than 97% of patients receiving a heart transplant at Papworth survived for at least 30 days after their transplant, compared to a UK average of 89.9%. Thirty-day survival rates for patients receiving a lung transplant were at 94% compared to the UK average of 90%.

According to NHSBT’s Annual Report on Cardiothoracic Transplantation, Papworth performs more adult heart each year than any other hospital in the UK. Last year it also had the lowest decline rate for donor organs, meaning it accepts more organs offered for donation than any other UK centre.

Stephen Posey, Chief Executive Officer at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Papworth is famous for performing the first successful heart transplant in the UK in 1979 and this report proves that we are still the leading hospital in the country for heart and lung transplantation.

 “These fantastic results are a real credit to the transplant team here at Papworth which is made up of surgeons, physicians, nurses, transplant coordinators, administrative staff and many other professionals. Providing truly excellent care for patients from when they first join the waiting list to many years after their surgery is a real team effort and it’s wonderful to see our staff getting the recognition they deserve.”  

Mr David Jenkins, Clinical Director for Surgery at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I am incredibly proud of these results which really reflect Papworth’s commitment to performing more and more transplants and delivering even better outcomes for our patients.”

“We know that every transplant we perform has the potential to give someone a second chance at life and this is what drives us every day to accept more organs, perform more procedures and achieve the best possible outcomes. Papworth has a proud history when it comes to heart and lung transplantation but we are forward-looking and determined to stay at the forefront of transplant medicine.”   

Two years ago, doctors at Papworth Hospital became the first in Europe to successfully perform a heart transplant using a non-beating heart. The procedure, using organs from circulatory determined dead donors (DCD), has since helped the hospital to increase its rate of heart transplantation by more than a third. Until then surgeons were only able to transplant beating hearts from donors following the diagnosis of brain death (DBD).

Last year, more than a quarter of all adult heart and lung transplants in the UK took place at Papworth Hospital, which is the only transplant centre in the East of England.   


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