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28 November 2017

Chris and Kate make the most of Papworth in-house training programme

Papworth Hospital's Respiratory Physiology department is celebrating the successful implementation of its in-house training programme.

Chris Harding joined the Trust in September 2012 as a Band 2 Assistant Practitioner, learning spirometry, phlebotomy and ECG. A graduate of sports sciences, Chris successfully applied to a Band 4 post, completed a Band 4-5 training programme, earning further university credits, and passed the Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP) Associate Practitioner professional exam.

Chris has excelled in his role and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills. So much so that he has recently been successful in applying for a Band 6 Senior Clinical Physiologist position.

Meanwhile, Kate Donovan, another graduate with a Masters in exercise science, joined the Trust in 2016 as a Band 2 Assistant Practitioner. She swiftly progressed into a Band 4 Associate Practitioner position and has now just started the Band 4-5 training program, successful completion resulting in a fully-fledged Band 5 Clinical Physiologist role.

For more information about a career at Papworth Hospital, click here.


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