Construction Update - February 2016

It has been a busy start to 2016 on site, despite the windy weather, which can mean we need to temporarily stop using our tower cranes occasionally to ensure the safety of everyone working on site. Lots of concrete has been poured and walls and floors are now being constructed in earnest.

The energy centre is beginning to take shape, with basement walls and columns under construction, while the facilities management yard slab has now been concreted.

Across the site there have been many developments. Regarding the main hospital building, the basement retaining walls are complete, excluding those forming the tunnel into Addenbrooke’s Hospital. On the ground floor the load-bearing slab works are underway, which will enable it to take the weight of the other floors which are yet to be built. On the first floor the slab concreting has started along with the walls and columns off the slab going in, which will support the second floor slab. It really is starting to look like a building is growing out of the ground as it can be seen way above the hoardings.

Speaking of hoardings, I must say I’m impressed with those now visible from the exterior of the site that the Trust has commissioned and we have put in place. At Skanska, working with our customers, in this case the Papworth NHS Foundation Trust, is very important to us. ‘Be better – together’ is another of our values and by working with our Trust colleagues we’ve been able to erect the new site hoardings. We’ve advised on the correct materials, the size and the positioning to ensure they are fit for purpose for as long as possible, while on the Trust side the information has been gathered and the designs created to maximise the effectiveness of the messages, which share the history and future of this amazing hospital.

Kevin Kilcoyne, Project Director, Skanska UK - February 2015