Construction Update - January 2016

In this, the first construction column for the New Papworth Hospital for 2016, I'll start by saying happy New Year to everyone and wish you all a healthy and happy year ahead.

At Skanska, the health, safety and wellbeing of all our people is very important to us. One of our values is ‘Care for Life’ and this incorporates looking out for each other, the communities in which we work, and our planet.

In summary, the main construction activities that have taken place since the last column include:

Completion of the reinforced concrete frame basement slab, while the below ground floor slab drainage and pile caps are continuing. Also finished is the ground floor suspended post tension slab over the basement, where the columns and walls for ground-to-first floor are now progressing above it. The first floor decking is now being installed to take the post tension slab too.

Another aspect now completed is the energy centre basement slab. Following on are the walls and columns, which are now being constructed from basement to ground level.

The facilities management yard slab is being prepared for concreting, which will take place in January, so the different areas of the site are really becoming clear.

The next 12 months will really see the New Papworth Hospital taking shape. It is coming out of the ground quickly and over the course of the year the external structure will gradually rise and begin to take its place on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

I look forward to sharing further updates throughout 2016.

Kevin Kilcoyne, Project Director, Skanska UK - January 2016