Construction Update - March 2016

There has been a lot of activity on the energy centre with the concrete frame works now up to first floor slab level.

Beyond the building footprint the drainage works have begun and they will connect with the mains drainage outside the site in due course.

Regarding the main building, the ground floor slab works continue and they will be home to the main reception in due course. Those for the first floor slab (the location of theatres, cardiac catheter labs and critical care) also progress, while the walls and columns are being created to support the second floor slab, where the metal temporary support grid-work is being installed in preparation for the concrete pours – this will be the location for the main ventilation plant room.

Around the site the earthworks to backfill and support the retaining walls are complete. We have used a significant amount of the earth dug out originally to create space for the foundations to do this, removing the need for landfill and helping us to demonstrate one of our vales - Care for Life, as we are trying to ensure all of our work is as sustainable as possible.

Finally for this month, regarding people on site we’ve now got 140 working on the project. Through our people, and in support of our Care for Life value, we’re also busy supporting national initiatives, such as the time to change campaign ‘Time to Talk’ last month where we encouraged our operatives and site visitors to discuss mental health to challenge stigma and discrimination. While in the local community we also recently visited Papworth Trust, a leading disability charity, where we handed over lots of ingredients for the service users to cook with from the money donated by our site team.

Kevin Kilcoyne, Project Director, Skanska UK - March 2015