Construction Update - October 2015

We’re moving towards the 900 days until opening mark, with autumn starting to take hold and activities on site are gathering pace.

The geothermal pile installation is complete and the associated pipework will be finished before the end of October. The below basement slab drainage and the casting of concrete pile cap foundations is continuing and has now progressed in to the facilities management yard area.

Building of the reinforced concrete frame basement slab and retaining walls has begun. The first ground floor slab will be cast before the end of the month and it will be the first time that the floor plate for the New Papworth Hospital will be identifiable.

In line with our aspiration to encourage environmentally-friendly working practices, work on the backfilling of the basement retaining walls starts this week and will be carried out using materials previously excavated and stockpiled on site.

We’ve had some challenging times with the weather – especially the rain, which has occasionally been very heavy. To ensure the site remains safe, we drain excess water into an area that is not currently under development. This way, if we need it then it’s close by and if we don’t, then it’s not a potential hazard.

Kevin Kilcoyne, Project Director, Skanska UK - October 2015