Construction Update - September 2015

Construction Update

Two tower cranes have been installed and are now working on site. The larger one is 54 metres high and can lift five tonnes at the end of its 55-metre long jib. Visible from across the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and beyond, the cranes will remain on site until the concrete frame and external façade is complete.

The three-storey temporary office accommodation is now occupied by all of the site managers and operatives. Visitors will also need to use the facility to sign in and receive a briefing before changing into safety clothing, if going out onto the site.

The concrete piled foundation work, over 750 ‘underground columns’ which will bear the weight of the finished hospital, is now complete. The geothermal pile installation and associated pipework is now over halfway towards completion and the below basement slab drainage has begun, along with the casting of concrete pile cap foundations.

Progress is steady and hopefully the weather will not deteriorate any further. The rain has not helped as it makes for challenging conditions and it would be good to have some warmer, sunny days before autumn gets underway.

Kevin Kilcoyne, Project Director, Skanska UK - September 2015