International designer working with New Papworth Hospital

31 May 2017

Unique designs will be imprinted on individual inpatient rooms at New Papworth Hospital, based on the work led by designer, Stefanie Posavec.

Having exhibited internationally at major galleries including MoMA (New York), the V&A and the Design Museum among, Stefanie‚Äôs work focuses on non-traditional representations of data derived from language, literature, or scientific topics, often using a handcrafted approach. 

"The commission brief for Papworth Hospital was based on the idea of a 'living building'. I was initially intrigued how certain patterns are found both in nature and in the heart and lungs," she shared. "For example, waveforms on the sea versus those created through heartbeats, the use of branching patterns in trees and rivers versus those in lungs and blood vessels and flowing patterns in water as well as blood flow and airflow. So, I decided to create these patterns using data to inform their shape."

Stefanie has been working closely with our research teams to collate anonymised spirometry and echocardiogram datasets of Papworth patients. She also visited the hospital last month to give patients, visitors and staff the opportunity to take part in the project by volunteering their own pulse data.

In collaboration with developer Mike Brondbjerg, she then created software that could automatically generate natural-looking patterns based on the data provided, ensuring that every single patient room will have its own design created from the unique data of a patient, visitor, or staff member.