Papworth Heroes

John Prior

Senior Chief Cardiological Technician
Helped develop Cardiac Services and advances in medical instrument technology.

John Prior feels lucky to have arrived at Papworth Hospital during a period of big change, and fortunate to have been involved in the development of services in the operating theatres, Cardiac Unit and X-ray Department/Catheterisation Lab.

He was involved in the development of Cardiac Services at Papworth and district general hospitals throughout East Anglia.

Leading a small team he was responsible for the monitoring of ECGs and the direct measurement of blood pressure. He particularly enjoyed the patient contact of the regional clinics and Domiciliary Pacemaker Service.

In the early days the equipment used - developed by the Cambridge Instrument Company - was bulky and temperamental so he worked closely with the company to advance this technology to meet the needs of the hospital at the time.

During his 35 years at Papworth Hospital, John Prior made numerous friends through the NHS Retirement Fellowship and his voluntary work at the Papworth Day Centre. Many of these friends had tuberculosis or were involved in the tuberculosis era.

He is proud to have been part of the advancements that Papworth Hospital has made and continues to make.