Papworth Heroes

Chris Flower

Pushed the boundaries of radiology - pioneering new techniques.

On his arrival at Papworth Hospital in the mid 1970s, Christopher Flower set about raising the profile of radiology and establishing it as integral to the management of thoracic disease with an emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach.

He ensured that Papworth Hospital was at the forefront of new imaging modalities, some of which he and his colleagues pioneered.

Percutaneous techniques, such as lung biopsy and pleural drainage, now seen as standard, were novel, as was the importance of cross-sectional imaging in the investigation and management of malignant and diffuse lung disease.

Blurring the boundaries between specialities enabled him to collaborate in the introduction of new techniques such as flexible bronchoscopy and get them accepted quickly.

Such a multi-disciplinary approach provided impetus for improved patient care as well as the opportunity for much collaborative research with clinical colleagues, especially in focal and diffuse lung disease, thromboembolic disease and lung transplantation.