Papworth Heroes

Ellen Kemp

Director of Nursing
Involved in developing the professional standards of nursing.

Mrs Ellen Kemp was employed at Papworth Hospital for 26 years, commencing her employment on 1 May 1977 as a member of the first cardiothoracic course for State Registered Nurses, before becoming sister-in-charge of the Cardiac Unit the following year.

In 1982 she was promoted to Nursing Officer for the surgical wards and Intensive Care Unit, and appointed to the post of Director of Nursing in 1987.

During Mrs Kemp's 16 years as Director of Nursing the responsibilities of the post included the professional standards for nursing, including relevant education programmes for pre and post registration nurses; management responsibility for the TCCA, Thoracic, Radiology and Pathology Directorates, the Medical Records Department and Professional Support Services as well as Hotel Services and the PALS Department.

She was also involved in capital projects such as the Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre, the new build of a 45-bedded ward to replace the former Cardiac Unit and Mallard Ward, and the expansion of the Critical Care Unit.

Mrs Kemp sought to provide excellent standards of care to patients, support to staff, and to enhance the reputation of the hospital. She enjoyed working with many dedicated and committed individuals across the hospital who shared the same goals.