Papworth Heroes

Charles Hubbard

Director of Nursing
Awarded an MBE for his services to Papworth Hospital.
Charles Hubbard became a State Registered Nurse and went to work at the Brompton Hospital as a staff nurse. He worked in theatres where he met Ben Milstein, who persuaded him to come to Papworth and help set up the pioneering open heart surgery service.

So his family moved to Papworth in 1958, where he started his new job as Theatre Superintendent, with only a handful of staff. Those were the days when open heart patients were put into a bath of freezing water before the operation.

During his time at Papworth, Charles went to London to learn how to operate the heart-lung machine - known as the Melrose machine - which took over the patient's blood while the heart was being operated on.

He worked long hours and loved theatre work. He became assistant Matron, then Matron and finished his career as Director of Nursing Services, retiring in 1985 after 27 years of service.

He was awarded with an MBE for his services to Papworth Hospital and he was very involved with fundraising for Papworth with Keith Castle and Nigel Olney, both heart transplant patients.
Charles Hubbard is still remembered by his staff with great affection for the help and kindness he showed them in his administrative role.