Papworth Heroes

Bob Verney

Consultant Radiologist
The first radiologist in the country to undertake successful percutaneous needle biopsy of the lungs.

Dr Bob Verney was appointed consultant in charge of the X-ray Department in February 1965. At the time, the main facility was a single-room department in the Surgical Unit. Dr Verney led the modernisation of the Surgical Unit, which expanded to three rooms, as well as the complete renewal of the Baron Unit facility.

By the time he retired in 1992 nuclear medicine and ultrasound facilities were in place and plans for a CT scanner installation were well advanced.

On the clinical side he was the first in the country to undertake percutaneous needle biopsy of the lung lumps, a method to remove a piece of lung tissue for examination, with a high percentage of accurate results. Here the histopathological skill of Peter Stovin played an important role.

Later Dr Verney enjoyed developing high-quality coronary angiography with the cardiologists and led the team in doing the angiographic follow-up of the heart and heart-lung transplant patients from 1980 onwards. By the time Dr Verney retired, up to 40 cardiac catheter/angiographic examinations were performed every week.