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Costings & Contracts

We review all proposed budgets for all commercial non-Papworth studies to ensure that the correct charge levies have been included and that the Trusts costs have been covered.

R&D Fee: There is a non-refundable R&D set-up fee of £1,500 for non-Papworth sponsored studies, payable on the date of the contract agreement.


R&D takes the lead in reviewing and negotiating contracts for all research studies.

Grant Applications

If you are applying for a grant for a research study then R&D, in conjunction with the Investigator, will cost the study to ensure that the funding covers all costs for the Trust.

To help prepare costing requirements for non-commercial studies, the R&D office requests that at least a minimum of 7 working days from your original request date for a costing quote to be processed. Also at least a minimum of 4 working days prior to a deadline, be allowed for the authorised R&D/Trust signatories.


Papworth Sponsored Studies and non mCTAs:

Non Papworth Sponsored Studies and mCTAs:

Grant Applications: Clinical Project Managers



Project Account Set Up

After a grant has been awarded or a contract signed, R&D will initiate the organisation of a research account for the administration of the project’s funding.

Project Financial and Contract Administration

R&D takes responsibility for the administration of internally and externally funded projects. This service includes:

  • Income collection (invoicing and grant claims)

  • Administration of accounts

  • Provision of budgetary statements (in conjunction with finance)

  • Contractual and administrative problem solving

  • Approval of and appointment of research staff

Research Costs, NHS Support Costs and Treatment Costs

Further information about these three costs is in this document.

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