Who are we?

The Pharmacy department at Royal Papworth Hospital have a designated team of staff working on supporting the set up and running of all clinical trials involving medicines.  Our team members are:

  • Lead Pharmacist Clinical Trials
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Clinical Trials
  • Pharmacy Technician Clinical Trials

What is our role?

Pharmacy has a vital role in relation to clinical research, which is to safeguard participants; healthcare professionals and the Trust by ensuring medicines used in trials are appropriate for use and are obtained, handled, stored and used safely and correctly in line with all guidance and regulations.

We also advise on the set up of trust sponsored clinical trials and work closely with the R&D department and investigators to provide up to date information and advice on managing trials involving medicines.

What do we do?

  • Provide support during the trial set up phase to the research teams

  • Prepare medicines for use within clinical trials (NB we are not able to manufacture medicines or carry out any tasks that are classified as manufacture)

  • Review study protocols for feasibility

  • Write trial medicine related procedures

  • Staff training

  • Randomisation and dispensing of products

  • The safe & secure ordering, receipt, storage, issue and destruction of medicines used in clinical trials

  • Accurate record keeping

When are we open?

Our service is available from 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays. 

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