Honorary Research Contracts and Research Passports

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All individuals wishing to carry out research that involves Royal Papworth Hospital premises, staff or patients must check if they require contractual cover from the Trust. If Papworth is your substantive employer, or you have an honorary clinical contract with the Trust, then you are already eligible to carry out research within the Trust (provided it has received the necessary ethical and R&D approvals to go ahead).
Papworth is implementing the "Research in the NHS HR Good Practice Resource Pack". This provides guidance and good practice standards for the NHS and higher education institutions (HEI) to achieve consistency in issuing and recognizing NHS honorary research contracts and reduce bureaucracy.

Do I need a research passport, honorary contract or a letter of access?

You Have an Honorary Contract with PHFNHST

If you are not employed by Royal Papworth Hospital and do not hold an honorary clinical contract with us, then you need to approach the R&D office to enquire about arranging contractual cover.


Your Substantive Employer is another NHS Trust

Individuals whose substantive employer is another NHS Trust will be issued with a Letter of Access to cover their work in Royal Papworth Hospital.


Your Substantive Employer is a Higher Education Institute (HEI)

Individuals whose substantive employer is a HEI (including students) will be able to use a Research Passport (containing information about pre-engagement checks, previous research activities and contractual arrangements) to facilitate their honorary contractual arrangements with Papworth.


Pre-engagement checks 

Please note that, in all cases, additional pre-engagement checks may be required before an individual can be offered an honorary contract by Papworth.

Obtaining an honorary contract or letter of access

For information relating to obtaining a Honorary Research Contract or Letter of Access via the Research Passport Scheme please contact one of the Clinical Research Project Managers or Research Governance staff in R&D.

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