Funding and Grants


What funding opportunities are there?



How can Papworth CTU help you?

We can assist you to identify appropriate sources of funding, including, Department of Health National Institute for Health Research Programmes, the Research Councils, Medical Research Charities and Research Networks.
We can ensure that the grant application demonstrates the following criteria:
  • Value to the NHS/health of the nation
  • Originality
  • Skill mix and resources
  • Realistic costings
  • Patient and Public Involvement requirements (further information on PPI is Here and Here
How long does it take us to cost a study?
Please be aware that at least a minimum of 7 working days notice is usually required to provide costings, input into project design and to obtain all the required signatures for a grant application. A minimum of 4 working days prior to a deadline should be allowed for the authorised R&D/Trust signatories.
Why work with us?
The R&D Department  at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has developed a responsive and successful track record to assist Trust researchers to secure funding to support Investigator Led research.
How to contact us?
Please contact us:

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