Research Projects

Research Projects at Papworth

We conduct research studies of various types e.g. observational, randomised controlled trials, medicinal studies, device studies. We have approximately 220 active studies at any one time.

Our main clinical research areas are:


The department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care has a long tradition of research and an established track record of conducting innovative projects. Members of the department have published in journals as prestigious as The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Association and Circulation.  Past and current major themes include blood conservation in cardiac surgery  (Dr Klein and Dr Vuylsteke), clinical information systems in health (Dr Vuylsteke), cognitive dysfunction in complex cardiac surgery and intensive care (Dr Giraud and Dr Vuylsteke). The department encourages and supports smaller projects in all aspects of perioperative cardiothoracic medicine, and has a long tradition of reporting projects through abstracts and short communications at national and international meetings.  Most research projects have been funded following successful applications to access national or charitable grants or through independent partnership with the industry. A list of our recent publiations can be viewed here. Some of our current studies are:

The PQiP Study http://

The ARCtIC Study


Heart Research

To view a list of our Papworth sponsored heart research please see our Clinical Trials Unit page here

Further information about the Dr Stephen Hoole's research activity can be seen here 

 Lung Research

Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) Research: Details about research studies and the research team can be found here

SmartCare: A multi-centre feasibility study of remote monitoring in adult CF patients. UKCRN ID
Click here for information about the researcher Prof A Floto

Lung Cancer Research

The Thoracic Oncology research programme is focused around translational (bench to bedside) research and clinical trials.  Our research spans all stages of cancer although there is a focus on early detection of cancer.  In addition we have a strong focus on collection of tissue for tissue banking particularly in mesothelioma.  Currently we are running a number of Papworth investigator-lead studies as well as participating in multi-centre studies run by other groups.  We work closely with many national and international collaborators and research organisations including Cancer Research UK and the British Lung Foundation.  Our research is funded by the NIHR Health Technology Assessment and Research for Patient Benefit Scheme, Cancer Research UK and the British Lung Foundation.

Pulmonary Hypertension

Read about some of our key studies here.

Transplantation Research

Papworth hospital has been at the forefront of clinical practice and research in Heart and Lung Transplantation for over 30 years.  During this time a number of remarkable milestones have been reached, which include:

1979 UK’s first successful heart transplant operation; 1984  UK’s first successful heart and lung transplant; 1985  World’s first transbronchial biopsy to detect rejection in lung transplants; 1986  World’s first heart, lung and liver transplant; 1992  Papworth Hospital’s first Ventricular Assist Device implant; 2006  UK’s first beating heart transplant, using the organ care system; 2011 Two thousand transplanted patients; 2015  Europe's first non-beating (DCD) heart transplant

These achievements have created a solid base from which we continue to develop new programmes for the benefit of patients with heart and lung failure.  Our research strategy for the future is to continue to examine translational opportunities in both surgery and medicine with a focus on 5 themes. 

  1. Pre-Transplant Optimization: Biomarker for progression of Heart and Lung Failure; Mechanical Circulatory Support
  2. Biomarkers and Personalised Medicine, Immunosuppression: Donor and recipient risk management
  3. Functional Imaging: MRI for cardiac allograft vasculopathy; PET scanning for Lung Rejection, Autofluorescence imaging of ischemic airways
  4. Translational Research and Novel Therapeutics: Surgery, DCD Heart transplantation, Lobar Lung Transplantation, Sentinel Skin biopsies
  5. Organ Repair Using Ex-vivo perfusion: Re-invigorating already damaged organs, Heart Lung Perfusion


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