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Papworth Hospital has its own research tissue bank which supplies human material (including blood, sputum, tissues, urine and any other cell containing samples defined as ‘relevant material’ in the Human Tissue Act of 2004) and routine clinical data to Trust investigators, the wider NHS, academic and industry collaborators.

About Us

Papworth Hospital Research Tissue Bank was established in 1997 and has its own team of specialist tissue bank technicians.  It is housed within the Pathology Department at Papworth Hospital  and works closely with specialist pathologists and clinical biomedical scientists to provide high quality material and processing.


Our objectives are:
1. To provide an efficient and well co-ordinated process for the collection and storage of human biological materials for use in research.
2. To improve the availability of tissue and blood products, thereby increasing cardiothoracic research capacity.
3. To support high quality research that ultimately leads to improved patient care.


The Tissue Bank is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (https://www.hta.gov.uk/) and also has external Research Ethics Committee approval from the National Research Ethics Service (http://www.hra.nhs.uk/about-the-hra/our-committees/nres)

Requests/Contact Us

The Tissue Bank Operational Group reviews and approves requests to access the Bank’s services, whilst its governance and financial management is overseen by Research & Development. To request tissue for research purposes please click here for further detail regarding the process. For further information please click here

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