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Current exhibition

Patient Huts in the Grounds of Papworth HospitalOur first exhibition is ‘Papworth: Village of Hope’.

Today, Papworth Hospital has an established reputation as a leading cardio thoracic specialist hospital, but it has unique origins.

The hospital grew out of the Papworth Village Settlement, which was founded in 1918 for tuberculosis patients by Dr Pendrill Varrier-Jones. He took an innovative approach to TB by treating the whole patient, not just the disease. The Papworth Village Settlement, with its long-term provision of housing and jobs for some patients, was founded on the principle that the individual’s physical health, their mental wellbeing and their economic stability were crucial to successful treatment of TB.

The village has a much longer history too. The elegant Papworth Hall is a Grade II listed building, built in the early 19th century along the ancient Ermine Street, the Roman road which runs through the centre of the village. Recent archaeological excavation has revealed evidence of settlement in the area dating back 3,000 years. Papworth Heritage Centre aims to reflect these people from Papworth Everard’s past, their names, memories, tales and the sense of community spirit alive in the village today.

The collection

Papworth Hospital holds an archive collection, comprising documents, pamphlets, photographs, newspaper cuttings and objects.

Visit our photo gallery.

If you have an enquiry about our collection, or have archives or objects which you would like to donate to us, then please email the Archives and Heritage Officer or telephone 01480 364245.


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