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Staff at Papworth Hospital

On the wards

During your stay you will of course meet various doctors and nurses, but also many other staff. You will be under the care of a consultant and a team of doctors. Because of other commitments, the consultant may be unable to visit the ward every day but he or she will be in close contact with the resident doctors who are always available for medical attention or to explain things to you.

On the wards you will be cared for by senior nurses such as ward sisters and specialist nurses, and by more junior nurses, such as staff nurses. Healthcare support workers and housekeepers will also help with your care. The different roles are distinguished by different uniforms, and they will all be wearing identity badges.

All our staff - both on the wards and elsewhere - wear identity badges, and you are encouraged always to ask if you want to know who someone is.

Modern matrons

The modern matrons are experienced senior nurses who support the ward/department staff in managing and delivering patient care. They are responsible for ensuring that services influencing the patient experience are of an acceptable quality standard, for example they monitor the cleanliness of the care environment; the standard of nursing care delivery; the housekeepers and the meal delivery service. Modern matrons wear a navy-blue uniform with white piping and they are available to patients at any point in their hospital visit to respond to any questions or address any concerns. If at any stage during your stay you would like to speak to a modern matron please ask your ward nurse who will contact them.

Social Work Department

The social workers provide a service to patients, their families and carers, hospital-wide. Their work is wide-ranging, and includes helping people to prepare for a safe discharge home, and advising on services and the practical help that is available in the community. Advice is available on welfare benefits, housing and employment. Advocacy, counselling and emotional support are also part of their remit.

The Social Work Department can be contacted on 01480 364631 or 01480 364279.

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist may assess you prior to discharge from hospital to ensure that you will manage essential tasks of daily living. These include activities such as personal care, bathing, showering and domestic tasks. Information and assessment about equipment needs and techniques to support your care will be provided, as appropriate, for discharge home. Should a further assessment for equipment or adaptation to your home be necessary, the occupational therapist will refer you to the community occupational therapy services in your local area. The community occupational therapist will assess you at home, after you have been discharged, and identify any other services you may require.

Occupational therapy staff are available Monday to Friday on 01480 364408and visit the wards regularly to assess, and provide information to, patients. Please ask your nurse if you feel a referral to occupational therapy may be appropriate.


The physiotherapy teams offer a comprehensive package of assessment, treatment and education to all patients referred to us. Thorough assessment, discussion, explanation and consent precedes any physiotherapy intervention. Most patients referred require respiratory (lung) treatment, rehabilitation and/or education about exercise.


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