The Nutrition and Dietetic department forms part of the Professional Support Services at Royal Papworth Hospital Foundation Trust. Dietitians work in all areas of the Trust as part of multi-disciplinary teams and have close links with medical, nursing, catering and Pharmacy departments as well as the other therapy services. 

Dietitians aim to prevent and offer effective dietary treatment for nutrition-related conditions within our specialisms of cardiac and thoracic medicine for inpatients based at Royal Papworth Hospital.  We also provide Dietetic services to Cystic Fibrosis patients registered at the hospital. We can help patients to understand why the dietary changes are necessary and how patients can manage these changes within their lifestyle. We also initiate and monitor artificial feeding for those who cannot meet their nutritional requirements, with or without diet, for a variety of reasons.

The department always aim to work to the highest professional standards and use evidence-based practice to develop effective therapies and new treatments.

We also provide placements for Dietetic students who attend the University of Hertfordshire.