Integrated care systems

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) bring together health and care organisations, as well as local councils, alongside Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations to plan and coordinate services to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of local people and communities. We work as part of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICS and are part of a wider national network of specialist care providers.

Alliances & clinical networks

We provide a wide range of specialist services for patients from across the East of England, and many national specialist services. We're part of, and host, a number of formal and informal clinical networks across the East of England and beyond.

We host the East of England Cardiac Network Group which acts as an expert clinical group to develop an overall cardiac network strategic plan for Cardiac disease across the East of England region, bringing together multi-professional teams for interaction and discussion, learning and sharing of innovation.

We are also one of five centres commissioned by NHS England to provide ECMO to adults in severe respiratory failure and are the largest heart and lung transplant centre in the UK.

Cambridge University Health Partners

Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) is one of eight Academic Health Science Centres in England whose mission is to improve patient healthcare by bringing together the NHS, industry and academia. By inspiring and organising collaboration, CUHP aims to ensure patients reap the benefits of the world class research, clinicians and industry which are based in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

CUHP unites a world-leading University, Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Eastern Academic Health Science Network

Eastern AHSN is an organisation established by the NHS to convene all partners in the health sector in order to develop and deliver innovative solutions within health and care services in the East of England. Royal Papworth Hospital is working closely with EAHSN to develop innovative initiatives within Royal Papworth Hospital and within the Eastern region.


Royal Papworth Hospital and Philips UK & Ireland have been working together since 2018 with the shared goal of delivering the best possible care and treatments for patients.

The partnership aims to find new and innovation solutions and co-develop pioneering technology for the services and equipment that would enable both organisations to continue to move forwards as globally renowned centres.

Both organisations are working to improve patient outcomes; improve staff experience; reduce costs; and release capacity. These aims are increasingly important as the healthcare industry responds to challenges created and exacerbated by COVID-19.

In recognition of the success the collaboration has had in improving outcomes for patients and improving the clinician experience, the Royal Papworth Hospital and Philips partnership won the Health Sector Award at the Institute for Collaborative Working’s 2021 Collaboration Awards.

The following case study gives an example of how the two organisations have worked together to achieve fantastic outcomes for patients:

Hospital and industry collaboration improving care for patients.