The R&D team is here to help all staff members wishing to get involved in research, whether they are a novice or experienced researcher. The team provide a full support service covering all stages of a research study including: 

  • Protocol design 
  • Applying for funding 
  • Study set up 
  • Management 
  • Data analysis

If you are thinking about starting a research project, please speak with us as early as you can. Our experienced Clinical Project Managers are able to offer advice and assistance with study design and can also advise you on what information you will need to submit a research application and obtain Trust approval. If your research study requires funding we are able to identify suitable funding sources and play a pivotal role in writing grants. 

If you are an investigator of a study or have been asked to coordinate a study for another organisation, again please contact us. 

We can help you with: 

  • Obtaining application forms
  • Access to application websites for the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS), National Institute for Health and Care Research, Health Research Authority and other bodies.
  • Assistance with Research Ethics applications
  • Assistance with Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency applications
  • Designing your research study
  • Statistics
  • Funding applications
  • Contract and costings
  • Training courses

If you are a Trust employee and have an idea for a research study or require assistance to set up a Royal Papworth sponsored study please contact one of our Clinical Project Managers who will be able to advise and assist you through the process of setting up your study. 

We have a selection of documents and templates available to help you.

Some studies may require Royal Papworth NHS Hospital Foundation Trust to be the sponsor, if you would like further information regarding this please contact one of our Clinical Project Managers.

If a study has no third party sponsor, the Trust will usually act as sponsor for research where:

  • The research involves any Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust resources, staff or patients
  • The Chief Investigator (CI) is a substantive employee of Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Chief Investigator (CI) holds an honorary contract with Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and a substantive employment contract with the University of Cambridge

Trust approval
For information about the Governance process and obtaining Trust approval for your research study please visit our Research Governance page.

Quality assurance 
We are committed to maintaining high quality research further to which:

  • We have compiled a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that research is conducted in accordance with Trust standards
  • We have a central monitoring function for Royal Papworth sponsored and some other approved research protocols
  • We risk assess all studies prior to issuing Trust approval
  • We undertake quality control audits 
  • We supply training in research skills, good clinical practice, literature searches, citation for all research active staff and their support staff.