We have created the following FAQ page to help researchers find out more about intellectual property and inventions management.

Q. Who is the Trust's intellectual property lead?
A. Dr Victoria Hughes.

Q.  I have an idea/innovation, who do I speak to for advice?
A. Please contact our IP advisor, Dr Victoria Hughes, before any public disclosure such as publishing papers or presenting your idea at any public event. You cannot patent an invention if you have already publicly disclosed information about it.

Q. How can I protect my idea/innovation?
A. It is critical that you keep all information regarding your idea confidential. New ideas and innovations can be protected via patents, copyright, trade mark, design rights. We will advise you on the best route to protect your intellectual property.

Q. Who owns my idea/ innovation?
A. Usually the innovations that have been developed in the course of your employment are owned by your employer. An intellectual standard operating procedure which details ownership and revenue sharing is available here. 

Q. Who should I contact about intellectual property and inventions management?
A. For an initial discussion about how we can help and an Innovation Disclosure Form please contact Dr Victoria Hughes