How to request the full text of an article

Have you already searched for your article using the Library & Knowledge HUB? The HUB gives immediate access to the journals Royal Papworth subscribes to as well as all NHS holdings. You'll need to log in with your OpenAthens details. If Royal Papworth have access to the article, you'll be taken directly to the PDF of the full text. If we don't have access, you'll be given the option to request the article. Just fill in the form and the request will come to us. We'll do our best to source it and send it back to you within a few days, perhaps hours. It couldn't be simpler!

Try the Knowledge & Library Hub now.

You need to have a library account to use this service. If you don't have one, please complete the online form. If you do not have an OpenAthens account, you can register here:

This is an article supply service when you already know which article you need but can't access the full text.  If you require an evidence search, please Request an evidence search here.